From, Tim Moran, October 2, 2018:

Maple Tree Inn Will Open Bistro At Tuscan Grill Site

The legendary Blue Island restaurant that burned down last month will serve food out of a bistro beginning in November.


BLUE ISLAND, IL — Maple Tree Inn will open at a temporary location while they re-build the restaurant that’s served Blue Island for decades on Olde Western Avenue. Owners Katie Orr and Erich Wennberg said this week they will open a bistro at the historic Tuscan Grill and Pizza building at the corner of and Western and York in Blue Island.

“We have chosen to look at this turning point in our lives not as a tragedy but an opportunity for a new beginning,” said Orr. “Life’s challenges are only defeats if you don’t rise from the ashes, both literally and figuratively, in this case.”

The bistro is expected to open in November and remain for about a year as what remains of the historic Maple Tree Inn building is torn down and a new restaurant built on site. A GoFundMe campaign has gained steam since it was created to help the owners re-build what many hold as a beloved south suburban institution.

“The outpouring of emotion and support helped us realize the Maple Tree Inn is more than just the four walls in which it resided; it is the gathering of people who work there, dine there, visit friends and family there and embrace life,” Orr said.