Businesses and property owners located within the Western Avenue Business Development District (BDD) may apply for Blue Island’s Business Development Grant Program, and to encourage program use, the City of Blue Island Community Development Committee voted to increase the funding match to a maximum 75% for eligible exterior improvements, with an additional $2,000 in available funds to correct non-conforming signage. Applicants must plan on investing a minimum of $1000 in material improvements to qualify.

The Business Development Grant Program provides funding for improvements to existing buildings for elevations visible from a public street or alley and site improvements needed to bring the property into conformity with building, zoning, sign and design guidelines.

Expenses which may be included in the grant application:

• Façade repair and improvements
• Design and architecture expenses from an Illinois licensed professional
• Labor costs and contractor fees
• Cost of materials
• Exterior life safety and ADA compliance
• Non-conforming signs
• Off-street parking areas not in compliance with landscaping regulations and/or unpaved
• Site improvements such as outdoor dining areas, removing front parking, rear entrance enhancements, bike parking or Complete Streets

Project activities begun prior to the application and approval of a Grant Program Agreement are ineligible so be sure to ask first! Interested businesses are encouraged to visit to learn more and download the application.

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