It's important for every business in the City to be aware of current events, emergency situations and more, especially in light of recent events. Here are two ways you can ensure you get the most important updates and messages from the City of Blue Island:

  1. Smart911 - This is the system the City of Blue Island uses to disseminate community updates and emergency information by phone.  It’s also a repository of information that is extremely helpful for our city’s first responders when responding to any 911 calls you make. Signing up is fast, easy, and free, and you can do so at If you’d like to sign up by mail, you can use the form that you will be receiving in your June water bill, or request a paper application from the City Clerk’s office.
  2. Frontline Reporting - For our businesses, Blue Island Police Department has added a feature to the Frontline Reporting tool where business owners can enter their key holder information. Providing this information to the police department is exceptionally important if something should happen after hours, and the business owner needs to be reached. You can find the Frontline Reporting portal on the homepage of

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