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Michael Mech
Bungalow Chef

2517 Orchard St.
Blue Island, IL 60406
Phone: 773-816-9595
Email: info@bungalowchef.com
Website: http://bungalowchef.net/
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I am a Blue Islander. 

My family dates back to the early 1860's in Blue Island. From humble beginnings like farmers, shoe makers and early automobile repair business families, Blue Islanders have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a vested interest in the growth of Blue Island.

Like my father, Lou Mech, they worked hard to support their families as well as their communities. In fact, my dad was fondly called Mr. Blue Island for his dedication to this wonderful town.



I was born and raised in Blue Island and moved to Chicago. In 2008 I had an opportunity to buy a Blue Island bungalow and happily returned to my hometown. I now consider myself a Boomerang Blue Islander like many others of my generation.

I am also known as The Bungalow Chef where I have carved a niche bringing old family recipes to today's kitchen tables and sharing the informative and entertaining stories of their past. As you can imagine Blue Island has a large presence in many of my stories.

About Blue Island

Blue Island, Illinois, just 15 minutes from downtown Chicago, is a beautiful, historic community with numerous amenities for residents and business owners.