Welcome new members

On behalf of our members and the community, welcome to Blue Island! You’re in a very special place.

To know our city is to love it – rich history, beautiful architecture, the sights and sounds of industry – trains, barges, and our trademark bridges, abundant wildlife, fantastic parks, a thriving arts community, diverse and historic business in every sector of commerce, and so much more.

In 2035, Blue Island will celebrate her Bicentennial. As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we’re going to lead that charge to an even more vibrant Blue Island then, and to make our city a beacon on the south side for the next 100 years.

How? By creating a plan that includes actionable strategies in the major focus areas that affect the entirety of our business community, including Business Efficiency & Growth, Corporate Citizenship, Cultural Destinations, and Beautification.

In each focus area, we work together as a chamber to prioritize our efforts, and define the community partners – municipal offices, park district, charitable organizations, educational institutions, and individual volunteers — to execute with intent and purpose, and the sense of community collaboration that is at the heart of what really is the best of Blue Island.

I invite you to explore our directory of member businesses and all the exciting things happening in Blue Island in the weeks and months ahead.

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See you around the Island —

Sara Brown, Executive Director